Wednesday , June 16 2021

TOP – «The coach is the same, the players are different» (Tottenham)

Tottenham once again failed to gain an advantage and in the Premier League’s round 30 match, St. At James Park, he gave Newcastle a draw with two goals in the last moments. José Mourinho “was disappointed” with the result and left a message for the players.

“I’m disappointed. We were supposed to win this game and we were not far from achieving it, but at the same time, we created a lot of instability in the game with many individual errors in defense. We’ve always given Newcastle the opportunity to stay in the game. We had a great opportunity for 3-1. [bola de Kane ao poste] And if we kill the game, we’ll suffer in the next minute.

“Work harder? I don’t think so. We work hard and well, but there are errors that cannot be called mistakes because they are directly related to the attributes that some players have,” he said, then replied about not getting an advantage over their previous team: “The coach is the same, the players are different. If they analyze Newcastle’s second goal, they will do it at three different moments: the middle, the middle with our two well-positioned centers, the ball on the second post, and the ball on the goalkeeper’s face, ”he said.

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