Tuesday , July 27 2021

The new Gboard function will suggest GIF and emojis for your messages

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Google, trying to improve its users' experience, announced on Monday (December 12th) a new function for Gboard: automatic suggestion of GIFs, figures and emoji for text messages.

According to Google, the keyboard uses AI technology to suggest emoji, figurines, and GIF about conversation topics that can be used in messages. When you write a message, a GIF icon may appear in the corner of the application, and by clicking on it, Gboard will make some suggestions on the subject being discussed.

Although Google demonstrates that we are dealing with state-of-the-art technology, the application's app has been previously tested by thousands of emojis and the card, according to users who have already tested the alert, indicating that the best way to make a call, Apple's iOS Keyboard & # 39 It doesn't do anything completely different from that, and searches for keywords ("birthday," "dance," "marriage," "football," etc.) to suggest GIFs and emojis on the subject.

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Although the tool is already available for all Android devices, but Google has already guaranteed that it will be available in several languages, for now, the function only recognizes the English of the United States.

Source: Verge

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