Tuesday , July 27 2021

Spacious graveyard forces you to walk on the sidewalk

In the Braga region, the Vila Verde Municipal Cemetery reached its maximum capacity and last week was the last campaign to be placed on a walk in the venue.

The warning for the problem was given in April, according to Correio da Manhé, and the town hall is in negotiations with the owners of land adjacent to the cemetery to expand the land.

"We give this camp the same honor we give to others, so we'll rearrange the march that will have a series of tombs," said Mayor Patricio, acknowledging the cemetery was crowded.

”There are places, drawers, people chose to be buried on land,, the mayor stressed. This camp will have the same dignity as the others until a conditional and definite solution. This gives the population the necessary answer. "

In talks with neighboring owners, Patricio Araujo assured them that "once the negotiations are completed, enlargement efforts will be carried out."

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