Tuesday , May 17 2022

Sonae Arauco invests 42 million in the Mangualde factory


Portugal Investment and Foreign Trade Agency (AICEP) and Sonae Arauco Mangualde signed a 42.4m-euro program contract on Friday, an investment aimed at the environmental sustainability of the unit.

The signing ceremony was attended by Prime Minister António Costa, who was "absolutely necessary to support modernization, innovation, internationalization, but also to support the position and position of companies in the country."

He also stressed that arttır the country has no internal deaths esi: ve To increase the region and growth potential that should be seized da; I need to move. "

Sonae Indústria and Chilean group Arauco signed a 42.4m-euro contract between AICEP and Sonae Arauco Mangualde, and their principal customers are Portugal's IKEA, Amorim group. and Navigator.

With this investment, the Mangualde-based company, which was partially burned in the fires in October last year, will create 10 more jobs to increase investment in “environmental sustainability of the production process in the unit Bu. Correia.

Sonae Arauco's CEO Rui Correia, a supporter of the Government, has made good use of MDF procurement for the local market and export markets in Portugal, replacing existing imports by manufacturing these products in Mangualde. taking will be noted. ".

The executive aims to target a "new production line of low-thickness MDF panels", which is capable of supporting "high flexibility, efficiency, productive capacity and high environmental sustainability characteristics and the expansion of a wide range of investment". products. "

Thus, ”The company will concentrate on producing good MDF for the local market and export markets in Portugal, which will produce these products in Mangual, and thus replace existing imports. Bö

Currently the Mangualde unit has more than 200 employees, has a production capacity of 360,000 m3 and its turnover reaches 80 million euros per year.

Sonae Arauco has an industrial presence in 4 countries and employs about 3000 people (800 in Portugal) and carries its products to more than 75 countries.

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