Tuesday , October 26 2021

Sergipe recorded no deaths this Sunday, with 10 new cases confirmed


The State Department of Health (SES) issued a new epidemiological bulletin on Sunday, 12, with no records of deaths from Covid-19 in the state in the last hours. So Sergipe is left with a total of 6,003 deaths related to the pandemic.

10 new cases were confirmed, and a total of 277,653 people tested positive for the disease. Adverse cases are 319,433 and only 01 are waiting for exam results. The number of people who have recovered from Covid-19 is 269,444. The total of the exams taken so far in the state is 634,561, the current tests are 2,708.

The latest information on occupations in intensive care units and wards in health units shows that the public network has 257 beds, of which 120 are in the intensive care unit (adult), and 22 are currently occupied; 7 were from the neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit and 1 were busy; 130 are clinic or infirmary beds and 21 are currently occupied, so the total number of beds currently in use is 44. The private network has 100 beds: 29 ICUs (adults) and 8 in use; 1 busy and 62 (clinical bed or infirmary) and 9 ICUs (neonatal/pediatric), 10 busy, 19 beds in total.


The State Ministry of Health has already distributed to municipalities: 1,527,766 first doses, of which 1,453,771 have been administered; 914,366 second doses delivered and 606,539 administered; 39,750 single doses were given and 39,952 administered.

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