Friday , October 22 2021

PS AIMI climbing and IMI landing crashes


The Left Block and PCP want to create a new tier and further exacerbate the Municipal Property Tax Supplement next year; This was one of the changes proposed by the two parties to the Assembly in 2019 State Budget. According to João Paulo Correia, vice president of the PS's parliamentary group and responsible for finance, it is unlikely to happen.

Kalıcı On the stable side of the implementation of the measure, we are with permanent changes. In an interview with "Jornal de Negócios" on Friday, João Correia said, "There may be another change that goes through corrections or corrections."

Lowering the maximum IMI rate to 0.4% at five tenths, similar to what happened two years ago, is not a measure of support for PS.

"Two years ago, the possibility of growth in real estate and disposable income allowed this, in addition to the general will of municipalities. I'm not saying this is impossible, but it's hard to keep lowering the maximum IMI rate," he says.

According to the Socialists, the hypothesis that some of the proposals for punishing real estate speculation of the PSD and Block are applicable is also outside the table. "We will not give much opportunity to such an offer. The rental market and heating of housing prices will not solve the problem. Real estate speculation taxation will lead to a deterioration of such speculation," he says.

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