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Portugal-Poland, 1-3 (part 2): Diogo Jota reduces the disadvantage and restarts Portugal in the match – Under 21

65 Jo – João Félix. To the benches …
61 için – Pereira Lage, Heriberto and Bruno Xadas stand up for warm-up exercises

59 'A player from Diogo Gonçalves takes a throw-in in the opponent's half. The Rafael Leão cross was perfect for remote mail, and the Portuguese side had one more goal … The second half of Seleção was much better and already had a handful of opportunities. Diogo Jota

Diogo Gonçalves shoots after João Félix's request, but the Polish defense is relieved. Portugal is charging near the opposing goal

55 'Stephen Eustáquio receives a yellow card.

53 'Change in the Polish national team. Yellow Jagiello instead Konrad Michalak

51 51 – 1-3! The goal of Portugal. Diogo Jota, downward, reduces the disadvantage. Transition by Diogo Gonçalves

49 – Direct to the National Team free of charge. Diogo Gonçalves is shooting with a big save for Grabara. Diogo Jota escaped the entry into the penalty area. Rafael Leão.

47 – The first great opportunity for Portugal. The scorer was Andre Leão on the left as Andre Leão received a penalty. Close to Seleção destination

45 – – The second half starts!


The national team is losing 3-0, and at this point, three goals are needed to score and manage three goals in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. The life of Rui Jorge's students is very challenging, with defensive mistakes …

45 '- One minute compensation in the first half

43 'Zurkowski is fouled by Zurkowski. Joel Pereira is difficult to dissolve. In the answer, Gedson, who has been wiped out a lot, is trying to make a loose shot to his goal in Poland.

41 'Jorge Fernandes clears the ball into the net

40 J – yellow card for Kapustka, Diogo Jota

38 – Replacing the National Team. We entered Rafael Leão and stayed at João Carvalho. Rui Jorge takes more risk in the match but at this point he has nothing to get away from the last phase of Europe.

37 – Rafael Leão is preparing to enter the National Team. Portugal cannot give any sign of life in wireless and Chaves

34 'Yellow card for Jagiello, Yuri Ribeiro

30 'André Horta has a deflected shot on target. Polish castle near the post

25 & # 39; – 0-3! Poland goal. Szymanski, just in the area, had a cross from the right. The Portuguese defense 'fell asleep & # 39; and Joel Pereira has gone a little worse in the picture. Very difficult life for the National Team

23 or – João Félix is ​​destroying the two Polish defenses on the right side of the Portuguese attack, just like a cat's shoes. But the cross is heading towards the target

19 'A player from Joao Félix takes a throw-in in the opponent's half. That terrible failure in the striker who hit too much. National Team's best attack movement.

17 & # 39; Diogo Gonçalves was one of the leading actors of the Portuguese attack, and the two attacks on the right side posed a threat to the Polish team. Nevertheless, an unpretentious answer to two handicap targets from Seleção

What a terrible start for the 13th Portugal team. Poles, two teams are in danger, two goals and they put themselves in the bottom card. More than the national team

8 & # 39; – 0-2. New Polish goal. The failure to mark Portuguese and Kownacki alone again defeats Joel Pereira. You have to score two goals to pass Portugal.

5 & ​​# 39; – 0-1. Poland goal. After a corner kick, the center was unstoppable without the chance of Joel Pereira. Bound Elimination …

2 & # 39; – Seledikão & # 39; s first kick, Yuri Ribeiro won the bottom line. No buyers in the Polish region of the last crossing of the side

1 & # 39; – Start the game, in the selection of Rui Jorge.

The refree of the game is Italian Davide Massa.

At the stadium & # 39; Portuguesa & # 39; We are.

Estadio Municipal Engineer Manuel Branco Teixeira in Chaves is almost full to watch the match between Selecão and Poland.

PORTUGAL: Joel Pereira; Diogo Gonçalves, Jorge Fernandes, Diogo Leite and Yuri Ribeiro; Stephen Eustaquio, André Horta, Gedson Fernandes and João Carvalho; João Félix and Diogo Jota

POLAND: Record; Gumny, Wieteska, Bielik and Pestka; Dziczek, Jagiello and Zurkowski; Kapustka, Szymanski and Kownacki

Already have official tanks!

The Under-21 National Team hosted Poland in the second leg of the playoffs to participate in the next year's finals. Portugal will try to keep its advantage (1-0) away from home in Chaves Municipality. The first whistle is 17 hours. Follow everything live!

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