Tuesday , May 17 2022

Poisoning killed five people in Vila Real – Portugal


Five people died this Sunday afternoon, and they got drunk on the Rua do Comércio in Fermentões in the municipality of Sabrosa in Vila Real.

Two of the dead, nine, 14 and three adults, both men between the ages of 50 and 60.

By CM He understood that all the deadly victims belonged to the same family nucleus, the couple's bodies, their two daughters and their brother.

Direction of PJ CM According to initial analyzes, the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning was withdrawn, so it should be poisoned with fungi (due to food traces).

On the other hand, LusaThe official source of INEM said that the death of this family was due to carbon monoxide inhalation.

Sabrosa Mayor Domingos Carvas, CM The first hypothesis was pointed out to be poisoning with carbon monoxide, but a second version, which could be toxic poisoning mushrooms, was noted.

Sabrosa Fire Commander José Barros, CM Deaths were confirmed at the site by the INEM team and family members would have already been dead since the beginning of this market. The commander did not want to carry forward the possible causes of this failure, but he confirmed that this was a family and that this would still be an unfinished second home (without the windows and parts of the roof).

These relatives were alerted at 14:55. The Vila Real PJ, ran to the scene to collect the clues, and then the corpses were transferred to the Vila Real or Oporto Institute by advancing Commander José Barros.

By CM Through the PROCIV website, Sabrosa Fire Brigade and GNR teams carried out with a total of 23 men and 12 vehicle support vehicles at 06.30 hours.

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