Saturday , June 12 2021

Odemira welcomes the abandonment of Aljezur oil exploration idea

Galp chairman Carlos Gomes da Silva was reminded of his decision to leave the border search project in the Alentejo basin on 29 October in a conference call with analysts. The ENI / GALP consortium chose to voluntarily renounce the concession and the expedition agreement, 50 kilometers from the coast, ended in January 2019 without extending after the extension of the period requested by the companies.

"From who
Odemira Office and the first hour of the City Council
unanimous of oil searches
Denouncing the inconsistency of acceptance in the Southwest Coast
oil with a coastline in front of a natural park
Values ​​at European level with protected species
With Community directives and very high protection
He made a request for a population, "The local authority was sent to our press bulletin in the press release.

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