Tuesday , May 17 2022

No Key in Christmas • Eurogamer.net


Nintendo believes that this will not be a nuisance for the Nintendo Switch stock in this Christmas.

Reggie Fils-Aim, president of Nintendo of America, talked about the busy time zone of Nintendo based on Pokmon: Let & # 39; s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – believe in those who want to find a key in stores.

In the same interview he talked about pre-sale of Pokmon: Go Go, the best of a Switch game talked about the importance of assurance in consoles at stores in Fils-Aim.

"We have enough console, enough accessories, we're working hard to make sure we have enough games."

There is always a chance to escape from a game or package, but the NOA head is quite positive with the important little Natalcia.

This last three months is extremely important for Nintendo. Because according to Fils-Aim, they produce more than half of their income in this period.

"High trust. October, November and December are an incredible amount of sales on a global level. Here in the Americas, it represents more than 60% of our revenue, so the size of big, big sales"In another interview, Fils-Aim said.

If this significant sales volume allows Nintendo to reach the desired numbers, we will have to wait and see, but Nintendo will continue to be optimistic.

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