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More than 70% of online eye diseases offer an error

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An ophthalmologist's vision is indispensable for eye problems.

A study published in the US in October 2018 at the American Ophthalmology Congress in Chicago reveals that there is a mistake in 74% of the eye diseases assessments performed by WebMD Symptom Checker, a popular online diagnostic practice.

. Telemedicine is undoubtedly a way of expanding access to eye health, men says eye doctor Leôncio Queiroz Neto. The problem with this app for him is to eliminate the patient's interaction with the specialist. Diye The result of the study is a warning for the Brazilian population, "he notes.

The reason for this is that a survey of 12,000 hospital maps by the doctor shows that 4 out of 10 people have reached the clinic with a drop in their eyes. Göz In addition to masking diseases of inadequate eye drops, some medications for systemic changes have an effect on the eye health, “he says. The highest-risk groups are chronic diseases, pregnant women and elderly people who treat women receiving contraceptives. However, children's vision may also be subject to changes triggered by drug use.

Hyperopia risk in children

This is seen in 5% of children aged 6 to 14 and treated with methylphenidate, active substance Ritalin and Koncerta, drugs used to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

According to Queiroz Neto, these drugs are well evaluated by the country because they increase their concentration and increase school performance. The problem here is that they can dilate the pupil and get to know the prejudice with a temporary difficulty.

This, together with a child in the treatment of ADHD, was difficult to see in a very wide and close manner, as he came to the office with the students recently. The following are the symptoms of compliance with the compliance provider listed by physician:

· Extends the arms to read.

· Look for the latest portfolios in the class to look at the blackboard.

No taste for reading

· Change the internal activities of external activities.

· Narrow your eyes to read.

If methylphenidate cannot be stopped, prescription glasses and advanced vision may become permanent.

Women, pregnant women and the elderly

According to the ophthalmologist, antibiotic eye drops and contraceptive pills should not be used because the contraceptive pill may lose its effect.

The World Health Organization warned that 3% of birth defects are due to drug or drug use during pregnancy. This is because the increase in sex hormones during pregnancy changes the metabolism of drugs that are concentrated in the bloodstream.

Queiroz Neto points out that even apparently harmless astringent eye drops can affect the fetus to whiten his eyes. Because he is holding all the ships, including the placenta. Conclusion: Reduces nutrient and oxygen exchange with fetus.

Elderly people who are treated for hypertension should be alert with the use of this type of eye drop because they can elevate and stimulate arterial pressure. Or The interaction of beta-blockers with tachycardia and astringent eye drops also clashes because eye drops can reduce the effect of oral medication, “he says.

Therefore, for pregnant, hypertensive and heart patients, eye drops are recommended that lubricate their eyes with white. If irritation persists, consult an ophthalmologist.


Queiroz Neto draws attention to the fact that corticosteroids can reduce the effect of eye drops for glaucoma and therefore are used only under medical supervision. Pregnant women with glaucoma need an ophthalmic re-evaluation. This is explained by the fact that the use of prostaglandin analogues increases the risk of premature termination of pregnancy. Beta blockers can affect fetal heart rate. The good news is that intraocular pressure is usually reduced during pregnancy and in most cases, treatment is continued with a lighter eye drop.

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