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Lura expects new album with "Alguém di Alguém" and uses electronic sonors – Observer


Lura introduced the new EP sene Alguém di Alguém tanıt, the first of its electronic voices, to be released as a gu message of hope ilk in its next album and as an initiative to be published next year.

"This is an EP, a very beautiful plaque model with three songs, my daughter, the duet with Gauge Faye, 'Twilight' and the title that gives the headline 'Nina & # 39; Lusa is a singer and songwriter.

Lura described "Someone as" a "live and happy hit" on her own.

"A theme with a brilliance is very traditional, played with iron and harmonica, as we called, tried to give a modern dress, to make a fusion in an electronic voice, to continue it and bring it to the fifth level, and for the future," he continued.

"Both can be cheerful and play in a small tone, they can be more nostalgic and have other variables like funaná-samba," Funaná explained.

Lura, in honor of Cesaria Évora (1941-2011), the Crepuscular Solitude, a theme of Teofilo Chantre, and the Burundi singer Gaël Faye, honored with the Revelation of France's Victoires de la Musique awards this year. playing with.

"Nina" is now dedicated to her daughter, who has two daughters, and the reason why Lura is away from the scenes and studios is also the reason why the singer "gives more results" and "faces a more realistic life", how important it is to respect each other. "

An attitude reflected in the theme of ”Someone” is “a social criticism, a certain way of being less respectful, especially respect for others“.

Edi This is an EP, which speaks of love in different aspects and forms, and this love will be the theme of the next album. #

The EP, organized by Lusafrica, successfully completed "Heritage" (2015). Lura began his career as a record-breaking "Nha Vida" in 1996.

Lura was a sportswoman when he started playing music at the age of seventeen at the invitation of Juka, a singer from Sao Tome and Principe. The recording of "Mulemba Xangola" was followed by a duet with Angola Bonga, and in 2004 released the album "Di Korpu Ku Alma", which described her musical identity and described Cape Verde.

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