Sunday , August 1 2021

Kéfera clicked naked in the tub and went to the web delirium

Kéfera clicked naked in the tub and went to delirium in the web - Reproduction / Instagram

Kéfera decided to open fire on the website this weekend. Actress, who entered the teledramaturji, Mirror of Life in the exhibition, 18:00 at 18:00 Globo Network's novel, Instagram & # 39;

In a totally naked bathtub, the star wrote: "My body, my rules." Within a few minutes, clicks, thousands of bronzed and accumulated hundreds of comments.

In the comments, most of the sequels were breathless when they saw it, while others were a little upset that Kéfera was keen to seal the answer.

Adam, "Do you want to attract more attention? Put a pumpkin on your head. Freedom of expression without accusation," he wrote. , Did I bother you? I'm feeling uncomfortable because I'm deleting all the shirtless photos, mi the brunette answered.

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