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Journalists wanted to hear Sophia at the Web Summit, but the Internet did not stop – Observer


Ben Hello, Sophia. I did an interview last year, remember? Lulu The question of a journalist attending the press conference of the robot and press community at the Web Summit this Wednesday was the first of many questions. Goertzel tried to repeat the question more closely and more slowly. "Hello?" Again, silent. In the middle of the laughter from the audience, the creator of the robot explained that the invention was not possible to process the information. Couldn't connect to the Internet. In other words, Sophia has access to a knowledge base such that an intelligent column has internet access: without it, it is difficult to handle.

I tried another question, maybe I didn't understand or the network was already better. "Sophia, do you have a new idea about robot rights?“But the silence turned to dominate the room. "There seems to be a problem on the Internet ", I re-commented on Goertzel. After a few minutes and the head of SingularityNET answered the question instead of the robot, Sophia finally said, "My name is Sophia and yours?" Said.

The conversation evolved, but for a few minutes. Sophia explained what a human being and a robot are. I Being a robot means being a mechanism that can move automatically, “he replied. And what is SingularityNET? Sophia's answer was too long and too fast for the people in the room, but explained why the black hole was black. And then Ben Goertzel realized that the call wasn't better.

Previously, the engineer announced that Sophia's systems were tü up to date, Daha including the recognition of emotions such as happiness, sadness, disgust and anger. In fact, it was one of the themes she addressed in her lecture on the main stage of the Altice Arena. Regarding the citizenship attributed to the robots, Goertzel announced that they were passing through Malta before arriving in Lisbon.Discussing artificial intelligence test to create robot citizenship with government"After Saudi Arabia was already done." It was a decision that surprised me. I Robot Han, who accompanied Sophia on the Stage, said, kar It is time for this decision to be made.. People make the world messy. she added.

Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence? I can tell we should not be afraid, but we must be vigilantIn There is an uncertainty here, bir said Goertzel, adding that robots are part of the form and values ​​taught.

Of course, there is an uncertainty that determines Artificial Intelligence in a smarter way than humans. And we can't say for sure what will happen. Personally, I believe that if we create AIs correctly, we will teach them that if we teach them that they are good and compassionate with people in real situations, they'll eventually be smarter than us when they're smarter than us. Like the upbringing of a child, "explains the creator of Sophia.

The goal is that Sophia tests values ​​such as compassion, kindness and kindness, id he explains, adding that the robot works to work in hospitals, for example. ”Everyone should be interested in ensuring that Artificial Intelligence is used for good.“

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