Tuesday , July 27 2021

Jerónimo de Sousa, PCP – argues that there has been no progress without politics

António Pedro Santos / Lusa

At the end of a session celebrating the 39th anniversary of the Portuguese Communist Youth, Jerónimo de Sousa wanted to share the "three elements" of the current national political situation by signing the joint positions three years between PS, BE. PCP and ENP, which allow the establishment of a minority government of the Socialists.

"There is no progress, positive action, no success in this new phase of national political life without the mark of the PCP," he adds. "Despite the poignant warnings of those who are always concerned about the future of the PCP," the Party says, " and "did not miss the opportunity to recover their income.

On the end of the Left Bloc Convention – he did not mention in his speech – argued that the PCP was at the party of the Secretary-General "There is the most solid guarantee of building an alternative road that can offer a solution to the problems of the country."

"In those years it did not go further, in response to the recovery of revenues and the country's structural deficits, the PCP did not yet have the power, vote and parliamentary representation needed for it," he said. These electoral actions in future voters and internal recruitment.

The PCP Secretary General discovered that the PS, PSD and CDS have been an çözüm alternative way PS that has been imposed for decades by the other two striking elements of the political solution in the last three years.

Iyor Today, no one, because of the long-standing complaint of the PCP, is not encouraging the return policy of income, increasing the domestic market, and the growth of the economy and employment. called.

Jerome de Sousa argued that in the third place, all achievements were ığ inseparable from the mass struggle ın, yer most of the measures "were not included in the PS program, even in government programs, and some were even against the will of the Government.

That is why the Secretary-General has called for mobilization for the demonstration next week, held by CGTP-In in Lisbon. ”It is time for the government, workers and the public to remind us of the strength, struggle and determination to demand the solution of many existing problems,“ he said.

In his speech at the Vitória Study Center in Lisbon, Jerónimo de Sousa, despite being ılan limited and inadequate 39, thought that the next State Budget, discussed in his expertise in parliament, was & one step ahead in the struggle of workers and the people Lizbon. In Portuguese, "even" prevents the negative with ".

The communist secretary-general underlined some of the proposals for young people at this stage, which were presented by the PCP, such as sustaining social action payments, increasing the value of places for public higher education students, and strengthening the 15th. million euros for the construction of houses, extension of social support during pregnancy and prenatal family allowance.

While greeting JCP for the next 39 years, at the very end with the usual lyrics, but with the rhythm d & # 39; International & # 39; & # 39; Congratulations on celebrating – Jerónimo de Sousa stressed that the problems of Portuguese youth continue to be "raining or rooms". Do not have a refectory, whether or not roofs have asbestos, "he said.

"When we meet a young employee, what brings you pensive is an unreliable bond, if tomorrow is still going to have a job undefined, low wages that don't reach the end of the month, it doesn't always allow the changing time to organize life, it makes working conditions increasingly difficult," he said.

For Jerónimo de Sousa, the answers to these problems are not seen in "volunteering, entrepreneurship, the applications of mobile phones or in the digital revolution."

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