Wednesday , October 20 2021

In 2019, inevitable emergencies are considered for the evaluation of health centers.


Ricardo Mestre, a member of the Central Government of the Health System, said at the Pharmaceutical Forum held today in Lisbon that indications for the use of urgency in the process of primary health care service next year will be introduced.

"Sustainable emergencies and frequent emergencies will be one of the indicators that assess the performance of the team [nos cuidados de saúde primários]"Ricardo Mestre reminds us that healthcare centers are now indicative of the preventable hospitalization of their patients.

In this way, health centers are intended to help eliminate the parts that are considered to be preventable emergencies which are one of the problems associated with emergency pressures of hospitals.

Speaking to Lusa in the fringes of the Forum supported by the Association of Hospitals of Portugal, Ricardo Mestre explained that the primary health care services have a matrix that evaluates performance of various sizes such as access, quality or maintenance efficiency.

Ir One of the key areas is that users can monitor and integrate the use of emergency services in avoidable health conditions. or emergencies. The idea is to include this dimension in the evaluation of primary health care, "he said.

Ricardo Mestre reminds us of a percentage of Portugal's ı more than emergency services bir and a number of times a few times, often a few percent of Portuguese users, who are often considering emergency users.

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