Tuesday , September 28 2021

iCloud does not work on 10 October 10 Windows update

October 10, Windows 10 update is a disaster and problems are following each other. Microsoft does not appear correctly with its system and problems are repeated.

After it's activated, after the 1-month test, this update continues to have trouble. The latest is to prevent iCloud from being used in Windows 10.

Windows October 10, iCloud updates Microsoft Apple

Earlier in Windows 10, he betting on Apple's cloud service to connect to iCloud. With a particular customer, the connection between this system and this service becomes transparent and direct.

Now, however, since the new version of the 10 Windows update on October 10 has returned, the problems have been hampered and prevented from using Microsoft fully in the new operating system.

This problem is limited to 1089 and is known to affect iCloud Write for Windows Both Apple and Microsoft are aware of the problem and are known to work on the solution.

Windows October 10, iCloud updates Microsoft Apple

This issue affects new installations of iCloud for Windows when Windows 7 requires Windows 8, Windows 10, or later. The client is already installed, there are also problems, preventing the use of the application.

To check the problem, Microsoft suspended the distribution of Windows Update on October 10 for all users on which iCloud was installed until a solution was found.

An update to fix and resolve this issue is expected to arrive soon and open this new version to anyone using iCloud. This is another problem because Windows 10 & # 39; s update for October 10 is a problem that promises to be one of the best versions of Windows.

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