Wednesday , June 16 2021

Humor writer Guilherme Duarte thinks about the queues in shopping malls: “Stupid people …”

This Monday, 19 April, Portugal entered the third phase of the Configuration Plan.

Thus, it was decided to open, among other things, all shops and shopping centers for the majority of municipalities.

Many were lines created at the doorstep of some organizations, of course, images that led to conversation on social networks.

One of the people to speak was comedian Guilherme Duarte, who left a “reflection” on his Instagram account:

“Thousands of people queued for over an hour and a half to reach Primark (…) My question is: who are these people?”, started by typing.

He then divided the shopping malls into 5 categories and left a “suggestion” to the Prime Minister:

“Primark should have nurses at the door and let people in only after vaccinating (…)” he shot.

It finally left a critically blast: “The truth is, we would have been much better off if these lines were on the verge of Gucci. We were a country with even more stupid people, but at least we were stupid with money ”.

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