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A regular suitcase, changing money and up-to-date documents are important in every journey, but it is essential to treat your health before, during and after your trip.

It starts with the moment we want from the holiday map. Challenging equation: the holiday of the spouse A + spouse holidays B + holiday periods = X. Then the choice of destination: cultural or paradigm? Children want something ar fun alan, adults want to know at the same time, know new places and if they don't want much information, they offer a space for the youngest.

When the target is finally selected, new accounts will be made to save subsidies, travel, and stay. Little time, expectation is increasing, the days are religious as the calendar passes. Definitely the last count. It will be an unforgettable holiday. But did he really plan on everything?

The journey starts at home.

The importance of planning a trip should be greater than economic. When planning a trip to international land, it is necessary to investigate important aspects such as cultural and religious habits – and "Rome in Rome" confirms this importance. You must not break them, regardless of whether they obey the rules or otherwise be prohibited in some places or damage to facilities.

There is one more weight gain before visiting other goals: "Health is priceless." This means that instead of relying on luck, you need professional information about where you're going. The traveler's advice is to confirm, for example, the vaccinations you are familiar with, the special care you need for specific areas of the world, the specific care you need. This is some kind of check-ups Customized, made by infectious diseases and tropical medicine by medical experts, not only make you more secure but also more restful.

This consultation should be done one month before the travel and by all family members, because care and needs vary not only at the place of arrival, but also by age, physical condition and health. In short: It is not appropriate to apply and believe in the letter., All the elements, even if they all travel to the same place.

Be alert for signs

The importance of travelers' consultations is greater when traveling to risky places, but useful on any trip. Pregnant women, the elderly and children require more attention before and after the trip because they have more risk factors and a more sensitive immune system.

During the consultation, it is recommended to make the necessary vaccinations, but also to warn of the need to take in nutrition and water intake. Clothes in some destinations are more than cultural significance – for example, they can protect you from insect bites that carry dangerous insects.

The doctor also recommends which medication the patient should carry, which symptoms should be considered and how to treat if there are any symptoms. In the case of vaccines, the only thing required by the International Health Legislation is against yellow fever. However, there are other vaccines recommended by the destination that provide protection against cholera, diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, rabies, tetanus and typhoid fever.

You should not download the guard immediately after resting. The traveler's consultation also serves to diagnose possible travel problems and periodically check those who spend a long time in high-risk areas.

The National Health Service emphasizes the importance of safe travel and provides such consultations throughout the country. If you can't go international online The doctor can then send you the vaccination procedure.

When you travel, you know: bring your health.

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