Tuesday , October 4 2022

Elon Musk & # 39; s masked & # 39; thieves stole 130 thousand euros on Twitter | Social network


At least three accounts on Twitter were hacked and renamed as Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, and later used in a deception with more than 130,000 euros to hundreds of users of this social network. One of the accounts that are put into use creates the illusion that the publisher Pantheon Books (which is a validated account that exports the blue symbol given to authenticated users referred to by Twitter, is a verified account that changes the name and profile photo, and the messages are reproduced).

The scandal consisted of the publication of a false message attributed to Musk; where the entrepreneur had to give 10,000 bitcoins (a cryptomeo) to a deposit of 0.1 (565 euros) to two bitcoins (11,300 euros). In a few hours' space, where the counterfeit profile was active, fraudsters charged a total of 131 thousand euros in 326 transactions.

Fake messages duplicated by hundreds of users were deleted and Twitter said it was trying to restore the original Pantheon Books account.

The same attack was repeated with the Malatan clothing stores and the official accounts of the UK's Pathé branch: lar Pathé UK & # 39; s Twitter account was attacked by unidentified third parties this morning. A series Tweet & # 39; s We apologize to unauthorized persons. We solved the problem and checked the account again. "

Pulse never heard. A similar attack was made earlier than the Fox account on Twitter, but instead of Elon Musk, Tron's founder Justin Sun's identity was used.

In March, Twitter announced that they were trying to prevent an increasing number of bitcoins from bitcoins and other criptomoedas, and by extorting the name and image of international personalities. At that time, Elon Musk was already one of the main visas: Musk's counterfeit accounts asked his followers to deposit a small amount of virtual ether token in return for a generous repayment. "I have decided to donate 3000 ETH today. [cerca de 1,9 milhões de euros] My fans. Just send it between 0.5 and 4.0 ETH for my account, and I'm turning between 5-40 ETH, "read the fake message.

Social network announced in June New measures against fraud and hate messages. "Our system has identified more than 9.9 million potentially automatic or unsolicited mail accounts on a weekly basis," a Twitter report said.

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