Tuesday , July 27 2021

EDP ​​wants to double its customers with additional services: 2021 to 1.6 million

EDP ​​Comercial will start selling electricity in Poland in 2019, starting with the job market and expanding its offer to local consumers. This Tuesday, EDP Comercial's new CEO, Vera Pinto Pereira, said the company has also improved its strategy of growth in the coming years through the sale of additional services such as repair and maintenance services. Among others, health plans, energy certificates, electric mobility, storage systems and lithium batteries, photovoltaic panels work.

The telecom manager, who came from the world of telecommunications and seven months ago, accepted the leadership of the electricity set as a üç 40% penetration & in additional services over the next three years (from 2019 to 2021). The number of customers is doubled and the total number of customers reaches 4 million.

Currently, 18% of EDP customers have contracted services, which means that the company wants more than two-fold over the sale of value-added products and services.

This year, Vera Pinto Pereira reported a growth of 15% in the housing market in Portugal, while sales of energy efficiency services in the business segment grew by 37%. The EDP will introduce fat new services and products ler in 2018, after having begun marketing a health plan with a monthly amount paid in 2018 along with the electricity bill.

In addition, the CEO also noted that EDP Comercial's ambition to become a den leader in electric mobility baş is the new phase of the market, where rapid shipments in the Mobi.E network began to be paid after November 1, 2018. Electric tools by users.

In a portfolio of four million customers in Portugal, the company is currently seeking ter expanding its customer base in in four new markets announced by the state of Texas, including António Mexia: France, Italy, Poland and the United States. These new geographies are involved in the commercialization of energy for final customers in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

For Poland, "a market where the process is much faster due to the presence of EDP Renováveis ​​in the country", country manager This will start working on the proposal for the business segment. For the remaining markets, the CEO does not suggest dates for the time being.

The state of Texas, France, Italy, Poland and the United States, was in four new markets from a list of 15 million to expand its energy sales business. five years.

As for a possible increase in prices in 2019, Vera Pinto Pereira said it was too early to talk about it, and that any decision would depend on regulated market tariffs by ERSE until December 15th.

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