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Ebola: DR wave in the northwest of Congo is the largest ever in the country's history | International – Germany, Europe, Africa | DW


The Ebola epidemic reported on 1 August in the Ituri and Northern Kivu states in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the largest in the history of the country's contagion. This is Saturday (10.11), the government.

"[Este surto] Exceeded more than the first recorded epidemic in history [da República Democrática do Congo] 1976 in the province of Yambükü [noroeste] Ecuador. So far, 319 cases and 198 deaths occurred, "Congo Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga, Efe said in a statement published by the news agency.

Of the 198 recorded deaths, the minister confirmed 163 victims of the Ebola epidemic, and 35 of them had been sued.

This is already the third most deadly Ebola outbreak in the country, only in 1976, lost the first outbreak, and the third 250 people died in Kikwit in 1995 declared.

Mbandaka in Congo Impfung Gegen Ebola (Getty Images / AFP / J.D. Kannah)

Part of the population does not accept vaccination against the virus

First of all, DRC has already recorded 10 outbreaks of the disease. Ilunga Kalenga said, ğı No other epidemics in the world were as complex as we were living in, a said İlunga Kalenga, who reminded that the medical and humanitarian teams working in the region frequently face threats, threats and attacks.

The strong rejection of a large part of the population committed against Ebola due to the unknown and fear of a deadly disease and cultural beliefs is worsened by the instability in these regions in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To date, Oly Ilunga has advanced Kalenga, and the authorities have already vaccinated 27,000 people who are considered to have high levels of contact with the disease. He said at least half of these people could develop the virus.

This is the first time that an Ebola epidemic has been announced in a conflict zone where hundreds of armed groups and thousands of people face constant conflict.

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