Tuesday , May 17 2022

Discovered part of the Roman wall of Viseu


Findings during the reorganization of João Mendes Street. The study continues in other parts of this artery

Alignment of the stones in the area where the capitals of the Santo António and the capitals crossed a section of the Roman Wall was discovered during the reconstruction of the street, João Mendes.

These are a work that will be deepened in the coming days, remaining between the MS and the MS centuries, triggering a more detailed observation.

Belediye It is an important historical expression and a finding that enriches our knowledge about the historic center, which also shows the care and effort that Município and Viseu Novo SRU have given to our ongoing rehabilitation operations, zengin says Viseu Mayor Almeida Henriques.

As part of the ongoing work, rehabilitation work continues in other parts of João Mendes Street.

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