Wednesday , October 20 2021

Coimbra hosts the exhibition that brings old Japan together


The exhibition will be opened on Saturday and will remain open until January 19, 2019 in Coimbra, then from Portugal to the Photo Center in Porto, and the Municipality Photo Archive from March to May & # 39; It will be announced by July. September.

Pedro Medeiros lived in Kyoto for two years and said, Kyoto Hikari & # 39; as well as the exhibition of a book of the same name, reflects this transition in the city, and photographs of traditional and historical Japan's proximity to urban and modern landscapes, Kyoto, the capital of the Japanese empire.

Tı Kyoto is a city where history and modernity are integrated and communicating in an interesting way, dir said Lusa, telling the photographer that she was present in the exhibition bir side by side with tradition de.

In the town hall, without any commitment, 50 photos of a free study result will be displayed (book brings together about 100).

"In most of the projects I've done in the past, I used a very well-planned photograph, a very planned person, then I went to the field and wanted to get rid of this plan, most of the photos were made in my daily routine," the photographer said.

For Pedro Medeiros, the work represents what eylem trying to break down the barricade # while trying to show what Kyoto is like and what it's like to live in Japan. "A very normative and disciplined" society.

In this sense, the photographer tried to portray the bir most special and sincere of the Japanese da in a society where samimi there is a huge distinction between public and private space ı.

Üyor There are so many solid behaviors that seem almost like a choreography. In many ways, I've tried to meet the norm and a more sincere party, Birçok he says, referring to works depicting issues. Like loneliness or sexuality.

The exhibition is curated by Filipe Ribeiro and the installation project is carried out by architect João Mendes Ribeiro.

The book was edited by Almedina and designed by João Bicker of the FBA studio and is distributed in the stores of this publisher.

The project received the support of the Japanese Embassy in Portugal, Portugal Photography Center, Lisbon Municipal Archive, Bluepharma, University of Coimbra and Coimbra City Hall.

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