Friday , July 30 2021

CM commended the abandonment of Odemira oil exploration project [Correio Alentejo]

07:00 – Monday, 11/12/2018

On 31 October, the Odemira House unanimously confirmed that the ENI / GALP consortium had abandoned the project to investigate and investigate the oil of Alentejo Litoral.
In a statement, parliament reminded that "from the first hour" both the City Council and the Municipal Assembly of Odemira had "unanimously" opposed the project, accusing them of "inconsistency in accepting the exploitation of oil in front of a natural park". The coastal zone with unique environmental values ​​at European level, with species protected by Community directives and with very challenging conservation regimes for the population.
In the same note, the CEO of Odemira, led by the socialist José Alberto Guerreiro, considers the mel Southwest Alentejo Alber as unacceptable to exploitation, without any prior consideration of economic, social and environmental impacts, without prior consultation with local organizations Aynı. Contrary to the aims adopted by Portugal in the Paris Treaty.
Eklem This investment is likely to add environmental, economic and social risks to a region based on tourism, fisheries and agriculture, eld adds Odemir.

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