Wednesday , November 25 2020

Cante Fest 2018 starts today in Lisbon

County and other guests, these days
Lisbon and Serpa, how this very popular way of life is given life.
The Alentejo culture, the material legacy of humanity

Há Cante "is the motto of this edition and sentence"
various commercial areas of the city
Join the municipality to celebrate this way of singing. For several
The historic center of Serpa will be until 27th of this year.
month, more than 400 singers will leave a fashion or the other
Singing, revitalizing and filling spaces
Descriptions of the tradition of Tomé Pires
Serpa Town Hall.

The Cante Fest 2018 starts on Friday at the age of 23 in Lisbon.
Alentejo and the program suggested at 6:00
From "Cante Alentejano", the book / CD collection
unpublished and the newspaper "The Public".

The party continues with the performance of the cante at 18.00 hrs.
Alentejanos da Damaia and Coral Group by Alentejano and
By Cova da Moura Small Children's Choir Group.

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