Tuesday , May 17 2022

Bloco insists on lowering VAT on electricity and natural gas, but the government is not budgeting


The Government intends to apply a reduced VAT rate of 6% to the fixed component of electricity and natural gas supply to consumers with lower contracted power, such as household and services (3.45 kVA).

Therefore, the State Budget proposal for 2019 (B2019) authorizes a legislative authority to modify the Calendar, which has been added to the VAT Code to allow the tax by reducing the VAT rate on the fixed component of the electricity code Tak. and natural gas corresponding to a contracted power not exceeding 3.45 kVA, respectively. [Kilovoltampere] and low pressure consumption not exceeding 10.000 m3 [metros cúbicos] yearly ".

Speaking of this measure at a joint hearing of the Economy and Environment committees, Jorge Costa, a member of the bloc, said today that "the government is limited to 3.45 kVA" as part of a special assessment of the OE2019 proposal made in parliament. "makes only downsizing" reaches two million families. "

"This is a very limited measure and differentiation in these terms is wrong," he said.

He therefore questioned whether the government could make a change for consumers, whether it had a contracted power of 6.9 kVA and a yap larger scale ay in the country. discount.

Jorge Costa, who reminded that the reduction of VAT on electricity is an "old greed", will be "desirable" to achieve this year.

In response, Minister of Environment and Energy Transition João Pedro Matos Fernandes said, "The government's VAT proposal is already an offer that allows a large number of families. Buna [do desconto] can benefit. "

The measure, he added, "could lead the way for parents to think that each of them could hire a lower power that meets their own needs." This is ğin a good example of energy efficiency Bu.

According to the OE2019 recommendation, while maintaining the ratio, the right amount of the price due to electricity and gas supplies paid for adhesion to the relevant networks – currently 23% – will be applied. Normal amount of variable amount to be paid according to consumption amount.

This measure, which BE and PCP negotiated with the Government, aims at ta reducing energy consumption costs and preserving final consumption ilgili and leading to a 19m-euro loss of income for the State in 2019. according to the budget proposal.

This change in the VAT rate of the offer must be "subject to the consultation procedure of the VAT Committee".

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