Thursday , May 19 2022

BLITZ – António Zambujo, Sem Palavras & # 39; has released a team of children in his video


Today, António Zambujo released the official video of "Sem Palavras", the first of its new album "Do Avesso", which reached the stores and platforms to be broadcast on Friday, 23rd, next week. See the music of Mário Laginha and the song of João Monge below.

"Do Avesso" includes songs written by Nuno Rafael, Filipe Melo and João Moreira and among others by Aldina Duarte, Jorge Benvinda, Luísa Sobral, Márcia, Miguel Araújo and Milton Nascimento. Presentation concerts are scheduled for February 23 and March 2 in Porto and Lisbon, respectively. Zambujo also works at São Francisco Monastery in Coimbra on May 24th.

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