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At first glance, married brides do not want what their mother wants!

in Married at first sightThe remaining four couples live in their husbands' homes. Only Daniela really exists at Daniel's house, but Graça and Ana already have the right to live with their mother.

"He will never know you, I'm sorry. He doesn't want to meet you."

Ana and Hugo go to Figueira da Foz, where the semi-trailer driver and his mother, together with his mother, have lunch for lunch.

"My son is extremely sweet. He likes to play very well, caressing him and always winning." He starts by telling the mother of the groom. "I think we're so different, there's a lot to be built," Ana explains.

“You should think because you have to do this. They're adults. 17-year-olds can not react. They cannot spend time for small things, amaz the mother-in-law of her ideas continues.

. The main thing is to know, attract, you need to gain confidence. When Hugo is filled with speed, I bought it and I went,, Hugo added. "I'm so scared," he confesses to the bride. "It's a good thing I'm married but it's still a stranger. I felt muffled and overwhelmed," the fitness instructor answers.

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“You should be aware that there is no more a teenager. Now they're not gonna take the time to try and pretend to be young. It doesn't fit anyone's head. I can talk whatever I want. Will they try two adults for a program to marry? She'il never know you, sorry. She doesn't want to meet you, "the grand mother goes on.

The host disagrees, but listened. Only, her mother-in-law once again tell her, "She's on one side and Hugo can't be on the other."

He says, "I have to meet you." "If they move forward, the girl retreat," she insists. »But she just said she puts a stone and starts again, but she's always there.«

Ana knows Hugo's four-legged friends. "They're basically my children. One day a woman would be happy if she treated me like sex. When I get home, there's always a moment of love coming to me," says Hugo.

Grace speaks with her mother-in-law alone.

Graça and José Luis are in Porto. "She's not a woman. She's a kind of authoritarian and she doesn't want to change either," says Jose Luis' mom, Elisa, in the beginning of the diary.

After the repression of Graça, José Luis asked her mother to teach him how to anchor. Or Grace doesn't seem very willing, so I'll have to learn, bu he says.

. The scarecrow is definitely not easy, but I'm learning. . I may not be the right woman for her, but I'm glad I gave her the conscience, which I need to know how to do everything, için says Grace.

After a journey to depression, Grace's "taking revenge" by taking her husband "in a joke" managed to speak to the businesswoman Elisa alone.

Or Do you think it could work? Işe he asks. "In the meantime, I find it a little difficult. It's boiled in the water. It came to life with a tumble. He was married three times and he was the ideal husband. They didn't know how to pioneer. The Grande says," He must be obedient at all times. " Time bends the sowing tail, ru says Graça.

Endless discussion of Eliana and Dave

His old girlfriend's phone call is on-line, and Dave and Eliana won't stop arguing.

"There are problems I won't talk to you before I ever talk to you. Most of my problems are your fire or anger," Dave says. "You take yours. [postura] And everything is fine, "Eliana finishes.

"I have complex situations in which I don't know how to deal with you. Any conversation is a discussion, and it's emotionally downward," Dave admits. "You've had a very easy life. I need someone strong who isn't the first person to leave Eliana."

"In terms of emotions, I don't have any weakness. I'm not in that emotional record with you. I don't know what you see. If you're not going with my style, why do you keep up with what I'm doing? Why me?" .

"Luckily the options don't leave me out. It's the last thing that matters to me. I want content. I'm here to know what Dave's interior is. When I told you that you weren't a man of your kind, your weaknesses came from above, "the receptionist is accused.

"I came to look for love, I didn't come to make friends. I'm not happy I'm not happy with our relationship. I don't understand why you want to continue," finishes the surf instructor.

Daniela and Daniel make their fountain vows

In Foz do Arelho, dinner with Daniel's parents "went very well." Daniela and her husband go for a paddle ride, a typical boat from that area. "I liked it. I needed this person, "says the yoga instructor." The level is high. Setubal will have to surprise me a lot, "Daniel adds.

At the end of the tour, Daniel fell off the table and Daniela laughed at his friend. They went to the source of their boyfriends, they drank the water, and as the source of this source said, they jumped three.

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