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Ajax draws the border between hope and defeat for Benfica


Benfica plays either all or nothing on Wednesday, in the Champions League, or at least the worst stage of the season in which they add at least three consecutive defeats. A new defeat against Ajax in Estádio da Luz leads the team of Rui Vitória from the qualifying round to the last 16 and aggravates a crisis with even more unpredictable consequences. The draw team puts it on the European League's route, and only proof of victory allows the continuation of the dream of continuity in the millionaire.

From a financial point of view, the disaster is not absolute, because it has reached 45.65 million Euros in relation to the group stage and the victory (2.7 million euros) against the AEK Athens. A defeat will no longer earn 9.5m euros from the eighth-ranked teams and then fight against the Greeks in the Europa League, whose winners are much lower than the UEFA main event.

Finance and Rui Vitoria

As for sports, the catastrophe is greater after not reaching any point last season. ranking The importance of UEFA is increasing because a better position is better for future entries in the group stages of the Champions League. To have an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation, it is enough to say that at the end of the 2016-17 season, Benfica is ranked ninth and is now ranked 22nd.

If Benfica does not win Ajax, will the location of Rui Vitoria be compromised? This is the question many supporters are currently putting on. It is worth remembering that last week, President Luís Filipe Vieira was convinced that he would not leave the club without winning the European championship.

Rui Vitória has this heavy load on its back. We need to add this complex phase, which consists of three consecutive defeats, Ajax and Belenenses and Moreirense in the Home.

Álvaro Magalhães, former player and technical director of the incarnations, reminded DN that hatırlat the coaches always depend on the results “and yi the outcome of the match with Ajax was aro very important for Rui Vitoria En. In the last incident the president lowered the coach "reminded an episode showing his opinion:" Nobody told me when I saw with my eyes that I was humiliated by Jesus fans, after being defeated by V. Guimarães, Jorge Jesus lost three consecutive years and lost in the Portuguese Cup final. "Luís Filipe Vieira hired her coach and won the next two years."

Goals and earnings gap

There is another fact that proves that the problem is more comprehensive and goes beyond the existing technician. Since the creation of the championship format in 1992-93, the incarnations have very few professions, because the 14 participation in the group only reaches three victories in 50% of the victories, ie in three matches.: Once with Rui Vitória (2015-16), two with Jorge Jesus (2011-12 and 2013-14) and Artur Jorge (1994-95). But there is more: Benfica has never won four times in six games, but they will have to defeat Ajax and AEK Athens in Munich and Luzern, although they still continue in this way.

This is contradictory to Porto, whose internal rivals have achieved five victories, especially five victories. Sporting, even lesser in the Champions League, had four wins at a time for a group – between 2008-09 he became the coach of Paulo Bento.

Regarding the goals, the record is not famous, because Benfica scored 88 goals and 105 in his 81 games in the Champions League groups, and if we analyze all three performances only three times, this phase of the contest was completed with a positive balance: 2015-16 (+ 2) in the years of Rui Vitória, 2011-12 in Jorge Jesus (+4) and 1994-95 in Artur Jorge (+4).

Right now, when Benfica has three games to play, the balance has two negative goals. There is, however, a right to be attributed to Rui Vitória; Rui Vitória, who achieved ten goals in six games in the first two seasons of the incarnation, is the best sign of the Light team during the group stages of the Champions.

Rui Vitoria with worse win

Another fact to be considered in the incarnation during the Champions League group stages is the history of each of the coaches. Rui Vitória has the worst win series, with only six wins of 21 games, in terms of the four entries still missing, the games won an average of 28.5%. Jorge Jesus, in the group stage in five games, 30 games in a total of 10 wins and 36.6% in total.

José Antonio Camacho, Fernando Santos, Ronald Koeman, Greame Souness and Artur Jorge have only one match in the group stage of the Champions League. This is the only one who wins 50% of the competition, three wins and three draws. They're going 24 years.

In the Champions League, Álvaro Magalhães, who is more than any coach's progress, assumes that "Benfica should be the best in European football," and in this sense, "The Champions League is important for coaches, players and above all for respectability." In this sense, Ajax believes that ır fighting and giving the maximum value in the field will support the fans maksimum in case of confrontation with incarnation, so they forget the last chips.

Already on Wednesday to return to victory, the former Benfica player in the field experience, "the team has too much psychological power and the field must be a real team," he reminds. ”In this game, as in other games, it earns more than playing well,“ he said.

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