Tuesday , July 27 2021

Aircraft bomb test to test emergency at Beja airport

Approximately eight dozen people on an aircraft, a plane, the threat of bombs at the track in Beja Air Base 11 & # 39;

After parking at the top of the Beja Industrial Terminal (TCB), the bomb explodes where the Airbus A380 is parked and the fire is lit.

The success of such practices is mandatory for the protection of the Aerodrome Certificate, with a frequency of at least two years, four of which have been inspected by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) since the beginning of the airport's operation. ).

The practice began after 14.48 hours and, together with the Director of the Air Base, aims to test the TCB Emergency Plan, which is the commander of Air Base 11, responsible for the activation and coordination, through the simulation of the emergency situation of the scale. Including several entities to support victims of a hypothetical air crash in total and by mobilizing several hundred operators and agents.

Municipal Road 528-2, which connects to the junction of IP8 to the city of São Brissos going to the city of São Brissos, has been closed to the civil traffic guided by the town of Beringel in the same municipality. villages near the airport infrastructure.

Among the passengers on board, about 3 and a half people were injured and three of them were taken to the Medical-Law Office in the same place. hospital unit. An "emergency corridor" was created between the airport and the Beja hospital to speed up the rescue process.

In addition to the military services of the BA11, including fire services, airports, security forces and aids, there are various external organizations, including regional and municipal Civil Protection, fire brigades, public health services and civil and military authorities. Quick intervention and solution of the situation.

The Beja region was under yellow warning due to strong maritime turmoil and IPMA's expected times of rain or showers and heavy winds in some parts of the Alentejo. Three minutes before 14 hours, the estimated height, heavy downpour at the start of the exercise, dropped the simulation.

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