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ZUS President says low pension is waiting for us

– Estimates that in 2040 the average pension rate to average earnings will fall below 40 percent and will be less than 30 percent by 2060. – he said prof. Gertruda Uścińska, President of ZUS, in a speech with Interia. He said that working up to a year longer would increase 8-10 percent of the pension from the Social Insurance Fund.

  • Gertruda Uścińska, President of the Social Security Institution interview on pension
  • In the future, the ratio of average pension to average earnings will fall, he said.
  • He added that the ratio of pensioners to policyholders will fall. From 2050 "0.7 pensioners per insured person olabilir

Zbigniew Derdziuk, former president of the Social Insurance Agency, said that our pension with Business Insider Polska will be low in the future. He also added Working longer may be a way to get more pensions. – Today, although he's right, no one decides to extend his retirement age. Politically, this case is doomed to fail, but I do not rule out that such attempts are not necessary in the future – Derdziuk.

The current President of ZUS (Social Insurance Agency), the Ministry's analysis “approximately every year. 83 percent Persons eligible to receive a pension are transferred to them as soon as they enter retirement age. "

Three trillion zloty for pensions

"Pension debts of FUS reach today three trillion zloty – It is the money that the working Poles pay as part of the ZUS contributions to the Social Insurance Fund due to their professional careers, and theoretically they must wait there for the duration of their pension. This didn't happen because The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) regularly spends every zloty it receives. Three trillion zloty are debts spread over the years – that is, until the end of the life of the currently insured ", recently wrote by Elżbieta Glapiak from Business Insider Polska.

He also drew attention to the idea of ​​introducing a civilian pension, a pension system consisting of paying the state-set amount to everyone after reaching the appropriate age.

However, in Derdziuk's opinion, this is a deceptive idea, because it is necessary to find a way to finance the existing pensioners and to obtain the rights of the current payers for the new system to work.

A similar opinion is given by prof. Gertruda Uścińska. – Of course. Civil retirement is not the solution to our aging problems.. Right now this solution would be a revolution even bigger than the 1999 reform – Interia said in an interview.

It is worth considering rebuilding the guarantee of minimum benefit.


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