Friday , August 19 2022

Wisła Płock – Zagł Sbie Sosnowiec: result and relationship


By working with such a regularity, the "new broom effect" is hard to see as a myth. Another example was the fact that Vicarna lost since Kibu's visit, and Wisła Płock, who won the 3-0 victory in Wroclaw last week. This time he added two more squares with Zagł ekbie Sosnowiec.

In the first half of the 30th minute, Konrad Wrzesiński lost the ball and Damian Szymański quickly launched Ricardinho. Brazil put David Kudela down with a spectacular dribbling and hit the net.

After an hour and a quarter, the same player scored two goals as he tried to bite the Zagłisbie goalkeeper from the field. But the head beat the ball with his hand. The judge checked this for a possible red card for Kudla, but he finally decided to play the guest by mistake.

Wisła continued to attack and bombed the target of Zagliabia in the first few minutes of the party exchange. However, Kudła was perfect. Sosnowiczanie, Thomas Daehne didn't respond until 53rd minute when he shot a big shot from Vamary Sanogo from far away.

Płocczan 's German goalkeeper was much worse in the 74th minute, when he got out of the penalty area fatally. That was why he couldn't send them with his header, but better done the attack.

After the result of the meeting, Mateusz Cichocki 's elbow hit Calo Oliveira with the elbow, after the time the game was added to the penalty shootout was made by Dominik Furman.

Wisła Płock – Zagłcbie Sosnowiec 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goal: Ricardinho (30), Dominik Furman (90-penalty).

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