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Who is Martyna Gliwiska? Jarosaw talks about her pregnancy with Bieniuk

Martyna Gliwiska and Jarosaw Bieniukzost family? She's pregnant in the "Live" magazine. Who's Martyna Gliwiska and what about Jarosaw Bieniuk?

Martyna Gliwiska and Jarosaw Bieniuk – a relationship story

Martyna Gliwiska and Jarosaw Bieniuk first opened to the public in 2016. It was two years after the death of Anna Przybylska, Jarosaw Bieńek's wife. Gliwiska was always inevitable compared to the dead wife of a football player.

In the first "official" months of Martyna Gliwiska, Bieńk's mother and sister Ania Przybylska spoke very fervently and also asked them to stay away from the dead actress fans.

It does not replace Ania, but we can love each other – says Ania in an interview with Przybylska's mother, Wp.pl.

In 2017 the couple parted, then approved by Gliwiska himself. Apparently Bieniuk "does not meet expectations as a man and wife". However, despite the differences, they maintained friendly relations with each other. They were friendly enough to return to each other, but this relationship would also result in separation.

In an interview with "Super Express", Martyna Gliwiska says her relationship with Jarosaw Bieniuk lasted three years. Greek and the dock was full, but eventually disintegrated.

Martyna Gliwiska and Jarosaw Bieniuk – friends

Even the last separation did not break the theme. When serious accusations fall on Jarosawa Bieniek, it is very important that Gliwiska support him.

I'm Jarek, and I will always be, because that's what real friends do. For the three years of our relationship, I've been living a lot with their children, and they're with me. I can't leave them like that now, "says" SE "this July.

It turned out that Martyna Gliwiska's help with Jarosaw Bieńek reheated the feeling between them. As a result, Martyna and Jarosaw are pregnant today.

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