Saturday , May 21 2022

Wayne Rooney will play England national team last time


Theoretically, today there will be something festive in Wembley: In a friendly match against the United States, England will say goodbye to the best goal scorer (53 goals) and the field team's favorite player (119). But Wayne Rooney has never been standard, so even such a beautiful event is quite exciting. A part of the public does not want the player who officially announced the end of his professional career 15 months ago (and the last encounter in the squad in November 2016) be called to regroup.

– Devalues ​​the status of the agent. You can honor her in many ways: before or after the game, but not – former Stuart Pearce, once the star of The Three Lions.

– I'm shocked, I don't understand this decision. All in all, Wayne is already at a completely different stage in his career, and is on the team for former goalkeeper Peter Shilton, the youngest goalkeeper who has had the most performance in his British T-shirt (125).

The FA authorities and the supporter of Gareth Southgate were surprised by these events. According to them, Rooney says goodbye and takes it. However, some rules are set: DC United striker will only enter the field in the second half and will not take over the captain's cuff. He will not wear a T-shirt with his "No." (now worn by Raheem Sterling).

Rooney also guarantees that, for example, Shilton will never accept to be seen at this meeting if he or she is to assume team games. The meeting not only aims to say goodbye to fans but also to raise money for footballers' foundation and to help children in need.

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