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Top Model: Part 10. Who scored? Krupa, Przetakiewicz, Tyszka. PHOTOS


The program started with the speech of Daria Dąbrowska.

"Hubert, you're a hypocrite for me"said.

The boy couldn't stand it.

"Take it, finish it – yell.

The first mission was out of order. It's a great photo session time! The finalists had only one chance to get a full shot during the paint coating!

"I didn't know how it would look. I have a thick tube on my face with this paint"- said Katarzyna Szklarczyk.

Oliwia Zasada The smell of paint is broken.

"There was a blow under the belt (Ti) I focused on how he behaved, r he admitted.

The task was won by Magdalena Przybielska. The young model took part in an advertising campaign for nail polishes. He accompanied him Joanna Krupa.

"I'm glad I took a photo with AsiaBecause it is a great honor "- he said with joy.

"Top Model": What happened in chapter 10?

During the "Upper Model" program, participants were away from relatives. In this episode, they had the opportunity to meet. And not only at any time, but during a fashion show. If this was not enough, families entered the podium with the finalists and presented the designs prepared together. And all this under your eyes Joanna Przetakiewicz and Kamila Szczawińska.

"Because of my mother's demonstration he took the command"- Hubert Gromadzki said.

Katarzyna Szklarczyk He was delightedShe's going to a show with her sister.

"I have such a strong relationship with my sister.We love it very much, it was not a problem to show it "- he said.

Michał Borzuchowski wanted to show himself to his father.

"I want to prove to my father that he has a son."- Confessed.

Daria Dąbrowska complimented her sister.

"My sister taught me a lot. Always kept me for the rest of my life (…) It's nice to have a big sister. It helps a lot, "he admitted.

Hubert Gromadzki she cried for family image.

"He is not inclined to have such a fun. "I did not know Hubert on this side," – said the participant's mother.

The child decided to do something the participants did not expect. He apologized.

"Yesterday was the moment when everything broke down. I wanted to apologize for everything. Because I paid attention to you, Daria "- confessed with tears in her eyes.

The apology was accepted.

In the next task, the participants had to show themselves in front of the lens itself. Marcin Tyszka!

"If you don't, you look 15."- Katarzyna told the photographer about Szklarczyk.

Oliwia Zasada criticized Daria Dąbrowska.

"If Daria continues during a fashion week, it would mean she's a good photomodel. Because on the podium not just in my opinion can not handle"Confessed.

Marcin Tyszka also deprived him of any criticism.

Daria had a negative impact on me. He was so nervous."- said.

There is room Oliwia Zasada.

"Olivia is very special and if she doesn't come out she smiles and doesn't work like that. Meaningless"- Confessed.

Did he often meet the needs of the jury? They learned it only with the participation of Joanna Przetakiewicz in the panel. They say goodbye with "Top Model" Szymon Reich and Oliwia Zasada.

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