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The Sejm Commission for Gawłowski to renounce detention and detention


The Western Pomerania delegation of the Szczecin Public Prosecutor's Office wants PO politicians to demand two new crimes – money laundering – corrupt nature and the other. In the spring of this year, Gawłowski, who received five accusations, including corruption and spent three months in detention, does not attend the committee meeting.

As our journalist informed, the committee decided:

– It's all about politics, not another dimension. PiS MPs came with the instructions of Nowogrodzka. It is claimed that he fought against dissidents in opposition rank not by reaching this fact. This is a political demonstration – stressed in an interview with Onet Gawłowski after the committee's decision.

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PO deputy Robert Kropiwnicki accepted the charges against the Gawłowski prosecutor by the prosecution as "viable". He recalled that the applicant's case had been handled by the courts which had decided to enforce her detention and could have been released from bail.

– I often hear a sentence like this: "Every citizen, like a citizen …", just like every citizen, the court says the case is not appropriate for arrest, the case is over, and that the case is in the case of MP Gawłowski. And he turns around, because he is a deputy, a politician, and so the political prosecutor's office is unfortunately trying to play on this topic – convinced Kropiwnicki.

Claims against Stanisław Gawłowski

The new accusations against Gawłowski, according to the prosecutor, are linked to the apartment in Croatia, where Gawłowski's Kołobrzeg, Bogdan K. would consider bribes from businessmen. In contrast, he would offer yardım goodness, support and help acak among others. He organizes millions of tenders with a businessman from the Western Pomeranian Land Reclamation and Water Facilities in Szczecin. Gawłowski had to take Bogdan K. from 100,000. bribery. He was then state minister at the Ministry of Environment during the PO-PSL government.

According to the prosecutor's office, Gawłowski also had to engage with other people in Croatia to make it harder to determine the origin of the immovable. According to the researchers, the other "resident people" with an imaginary apartment sale agreement held. Purchasing documents were found in December 2017 during the investigation of the house of the PO.

Source: PAP, Onet


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