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The MP’s husband is the vice president at PGNiG. What about the PiS sanation resolution? “It’s none of our business” | Policy

At the beginning of July, Law and Justice decided to introduce a sanitation order banning the employment of a family of PiS MPs and senators in state-owned companies – nepotism. As reported on, the first effects of the Law and Justice decision were the loss of thirteen positions in state-owned companies held by members of the politicians’ families.

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Kaczyński “reacts” to nepotism in PiS. Tusk: We are witnessing either extreme incompetence or open teasing

PSL has published a list of “fat cats”. The deputy sanacja, whose husband works at PGNiG, decided that the decision “does not apply to them”.

PSL has released a list of so-called “fat cats”, i.e. people linked to PiS who hold high positions in state-owned companies. Among the 357 people mentioned on the list are Marcin Szczudło, vice-president of PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, and the privately husband of a member of Solidarna Polska, a group in coalition with Law and Justice. contacted MP Aleksandra Szczudło to find out if her husband wanted to resign from the post in connection with the health decision presented at PiS. According to the woman, there is no such need, because Marcin Szczudło has been working at the company since 2016, and in 2018 she became Vice-Chairman of the Board of PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny. At that time he was a member of the PiS parliamentary club in Białystok.

– The resolution speaks of nepotism. Prefers members and families in filling positions. I’ve been an MEP since 2019, so I had no influence on his work in any way. At that time, I wasn’t even thinking about politics. The MP said that this decision does not apply to my husband and me by the definition of nepotism.

In 2020, the position on the supervisory board of the PGE was taken by Ms. Szczudło’s mother.

According to PSL lawmakers, the number of people transferred is just the “tip of the iceberg”. PSL spokesperson Miłosz Motyka emphasized in an interview with Interia that Aleksandra Szczudło, who is currently a member of parliament supported by PiS, also works at PGE. – After becoming a deputy in 2019, her mother joined the supervisory board of a company affiliated with PZU – said Motyka.

In 2018, Szczudło did not hide in his statement of assets that he was deputy director of the offshore wind energy office at PGE. However, when he joined the Sejm, he was no longer working for the company. Since 2020, Szczudło’s mother – Dorota Łapiak, a member of the Polmedic supervisory board, appears in the National Court Register. According to Interia and PSL deputies, the woman joined the “girls company” of the PZU after the deputy was sworn in.

In an interview with Interia, Aleksandra Szczudło denied that her mother still sits on the supervisory board. – My mom hasn’t been at Polmedic for a while, I think she was once. It’s a matter of a few months,’ said his deputy. – If it is entered in the National Court Register, it is a mistake. He certainly did not resign in connection with the Sanation decision – he added.

“Solidarna Polska is a party other than PiS. The Sanacja decision does not apply to them.”

According to the Department of State Assets, the sanitation decision has been implemented. However, there are still many parliamentary family members in management positions, according to Interia.

Journalists contacted one of the PiS politicians, who anonymously reported that those who have not resigned from government posts so far are associated with Zbigniew Ziobro’s party. – Solidarna Polska is a separate party from PiS. Therefore, they may conclude that the Sanacja decision does not apply to them – said the politician. In response, Aleksandra Szczudło referred the journalists to the party’s spokesperson “with regard to the activities of Polish Solidarity in this context”.

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