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The Left’s Interview with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the National Restructuring Plan

After the left-wing politicians met with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and representatives of PiS, we saw the government’s willingness to cooperate – said Robert Biedroń. The discussions were about the National Restructuring Plan. The left wing itself requested such a meeting and submitted its demands for the plan.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s meeting with left representatives began after 9 pm, and after the meeting, a press conference was held by Left representatives, who said they were negotiating to support, among other things, EUR 850 million. district hospitals 30 percent. From KPO to local governments, 300 million Euros will be spent to support the catering and hotel industry. An expenditure monitoring committee will also be established with the participation of trade unions.

Biedron in negotiations with the governmentTVN24

– The government accepted all the conditions – said Robert Biedroń. He added that details such as support amounts, implementation plan or composition of the monitoring committee have been discussed. – We saw the government’s willingness to cooperate – MEP added.

“We convinced the government to speak”TVN24

– After the meeting, PiS club president and vice president of Sejm Ryszard Terlecki, – We agreed with Sol on key issues – said. He added that at 12:00 the prime minister will present details on this issue.

Who attended the meeting?

On the government side: Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk, and deputy minister of funds and regional policy Waldemar Buda attended. Representatives of the PiS club also attended the meeting: club boss, vice president of Sejm Ryszard Terlecki, PiS spokesperson Anita Czerwińska and MP Anna Kwiecień. Sol was represented by Sejm Włodzimierz Czarzasty Vice President, MEP Robert Biedroń, Deputy Adrian Zandberg, and club chairmen Beata Maciejewska, Magdalena Biejat and Dariusz Wieczorek.

Representatives of the left attended the meetingTVN24

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Opposition to Solidarity Poland

The left’s position in approving the EU’s decision to increase its own resources – necessary for the mobilization of the Restructuring Fund (funds from it will be distributed under the National Restructuring Plan) – may be decisive given its shortcomings. Consent of the Unified Right itself in this matter. Solidarna Polska opposes confirmation.

From the very beginning, Solidarity’s politicians criticized the current draft EU budget and the Reconstruction Fund. a mechanism that links the budget to the rule of law. Currently, they draw attention to the issue of loans, which the Fund will be partially financed. Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of Solidarity Poland, said his party would not accept that “Poland should take responsibility for the debts of other European Union countries such as Greece”.

After the meeting of the leaders of the United Right on Sunday, when asked whether Polish Solidarity politicians are still opposed to ratifying the EU’s decision to increase its own resources, Radosław Fogiel, Deputy Assistant for Law and Justice, accepted their position. had not changed.

– In this case, my colleagues at Solidarna Polska adhere very tightly to theirs. “It’s no secret that there is a conflict between us,” he said.

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“It’s a good sign when it comes to speaking”

The left backed the vote in favor of approving the EU’s decision to increase its own resources, based on several requests submitted Monday. These are: at least 30 percent. Funding for local governments, 400 million Euros, 75,000 buildings for industries threatened by pandemics. cheap apartments for rent, one billion euros for poviat hospitals, preparation of a detailed spending plan and appointment of a Monitoring Committee to spend the funds.

At Monday’s press conference, government spokesman Piotr Mueller announced that the prime minister will accept the invitation of the Sol to a meeting on the KPO issue, while the “National Development Plan of the Left parliamentary club” is pleased. – This is a good signal when it comes to talks – added the government spokesman.

Mueller: We welcome the Left’s statement on the National Restructuring PlanTVN24

“We will not participate in behind-the-scenes games”

The remaining opposition clubs and circles were skeptical of the possibility of talks between the Left and the government. The Civilian Coalition expresses the greatest anger. In turn, prudent support for the KPO was declared in Poland around 2050.

PO spokesperson Jan Grabiec told KPO that the terms for KO support had been presented a long time ago. “We are ready to talk about them, but we will not participate in behind-the-scenes games,” he said. The PO spokesperson assessed that only a solidarity-based position of the entire opposition could lead to a satisfactory form of the KPO.

Marcin Kierwiński, KO deputy and general secretary of the PO, of any party today called the opposition party, the Restructuring Fund and the National Zoning Plan. He added that he hoped there would be some sobering on the left.

Morawiecki: a restructuring program is needed, but also a plan for Europe’s renaissance and valuesTVP

“We don’t want to negotiate or juggle with the Prime Minister.”

– If he wants to talk to the prime minister, let them talk. MP Marek Sawicki (KP-PSL) does not want to negotiate or juggle with the Prime Minister. As he stated, PSL wants to support the approval of the Restructuring Fund decision on clear terms. – If we do not know about them, we will vote against – he is reserved.

Sawicki said his party wanted to know the details of the KPO, including the conditions under which the committee, which mainly monitors the expenditures of EU funds, will operate. He also noted that PSL claimed this at least 10 percent. It was allocated to agriculture from KPO funds.

The president of the Polish 2050 circle, Hanna Gill-Piątek, stated that currently party members are determined to support the approval of the EU’s decision to increase its own resources. As he emphasizes, it is not the fault of the Europeans and Poles that the United Right fails to compromise on this issue. He emphasized that Poland 2050 also made written comments about KPO. – We tried to do it for the benefit of local governments, among others – he added.

Is the Civil Coalition planning a vote against approval of the restructuring fund? Sławomir Nitras answersTVN24

“This is a goal pursued for years by advocates of creating a single super state from the EU”

The Confederation maintains its negative position. Parliamentary group head Jakub Kulesza noted that all members of the party will vote against approval. Kulesza argued that the Confederation does not accept the “common debt concept”. According to him, the result of the endorsement of the EU decision will be the new taxes imposed on the Member States by Brussels.

This is the goal pursued by the advocates of creating a single super state from the European Union. The pandemic has become an excuse for them. The common fiscal policy is pushing the Poles with taxes imposed without consultation by the European authorities. He said that if the politicians of the United Right allowed it, they would undertake political responsibility for it for years.

He added that the transfer of additional powers to the EU, such as the debts of the member states or the imposition of taxes, can only be approved by voting with a 2/3 qualified majority in the Sejm. – This is the only regime we accept. He stated that it is unconstitutional to adopt a law by simple majority vote or to adopt any other form, such as the signature of the president.

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What’s in the rebuilding plan?

On Tuesday, the government will consider the bill once again, following the approval of the EU’s decision to increase its own resources. The approval of this decision by the member states is required to activate the payments from the EU Restructuring Fund. The basis for obtaining funding from the Restructuring Fund will be the National Restructuring Plan (KPO) – such a document must be prepared by each Member State and submitted to the European Commission by the end of April.

The National Restructuring Plan (KPO) is a document that defines goals for rebuilding and creating socio-economic resilience in Poland after the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes recommendations for reforms and investments that will help Poland move on. The National Restructuring Plan is being developed in the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy. KPO is the foundation of the Restructuring and Immune Enhancement Facility. The value of the instrument is 750 billion Euros. From this pool, Poland will have around 58 billion Euros at your disposal. This amount consists of 23.9 billion Euros of grants and 34.2 billion Euros of loans.

KPO money will be invested in five areas: resilience and competitiveness of the economy – 18.6 billion PLN; green energy and reduction of energy density – 28.6 billion PLN; digital transformation – 13.7 billion PLN; availability and quality of health services – 19.2 billion PLN; green and smart mobility – 27.4 billion PLN.

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