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The dramatic action of TOPR. Rescue teams received information that a 40-year-old girl wanted to skip from Giewont – Wiadomolerici


Photo of the article: The dramatic act of TOPR. Rescuers, 40-year-old Giewont received information about what they want to skipDramatic action by TOPR rescue teams. Man wanted to jump from Giewont [zdjęcie poglądowe]; Pixabay

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The dramatic action of TOPR. Rescuers, 40-year-old Giewont received information about what they want to skip

Between Saturday and Sunday (November 4), the saviors of the Tatra Volunteer Ambulance Service were looking for a man who told his friends he would commit suicide. He said he was gonna jump from Giewont.

– After midnight on Sunday, the TOPR is a man called rescuers. He told me he had been drinking alcohol with a friend and told him that he would go to Tatras in the morning to jump Giewont's man. The police were asked to follow his helpless phone – Adam Marasek talks about the weekly TOPR Chronicle.

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At 10 o'clock the man called his wife from Slovakia. Shortly after 14.00 hours, the police gave information Giewont helplessly.

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– The helicopter has started. Rescuers at the Giewont table descended from the deck. He came to the man who sought the edge of the north wall. He was asked to approach the Cross by talking. There he was convinced to come down from Giewont with them, after talking to him later. Rescuers brought the man to the Wyżnia Kondracka Pass. The cops and the track guards are here. A person was brought to Kondratowa and taken to Zakopane by car. The police stepped forward – telling Adam Marasek.

– On Saturday, the incumbent TOPR announced a 40-year-old man from the Silesian Province climbing into the mountains. He said he'd kill himself before. The search was started immediately. TOPR rescue teams scanned the paths and helicopters were eliminated. In Giewont, a man found rescuers around 16:00. He was under the influence of alcohol, and he told rescuers that he came to quit his family problems and did not intend to commit suicide. The 40-year-old was handed over to the police officers and detained for raving. He was also referred to a psychiatric consultation – Krzysztof Waksmundzki, a police spokesman in Zakopane.

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