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Sequencing process Intel Core i AMD Ryzen | Stycze 2021

January 27, 2021, 11:05

In our CPU buying guide for gamers, we recommend variants from different price segments, including the performance ranking of models such as the Intel Core i9 9900K and AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

The point is simple – the processor is the heart of any computer and therefore essential. In this guide you will find a comparison of the best models from AMD and Intel divided into several price points. Time will answer the question – which processor is the best for gamers?

In our processor recommendations for gamers we ignored most of the cheapest processors on the market. Nowadays, a gaming PC, even with a very limited budget, should have a quad-core processor – perhaps because of perspective. Moreover, it allows the computer to run more efficiently when you use more applications running in parallel. We also limited ourselves to modern models in socket AM4 for AMD and 1151/1200 for Intel.


Our ranking includes the new 10th Gen Intel Core processors and AMD Ryzen 5000. On the following pages you will find out how they compare to AMD’s rival Ryzen and whether it is worth buying.

From the gamer's point of view, the graphics card is theoretically the most important.

From the gamer’s point of view, the graphics card is theoretically the most important component, but will go to waste when paired with a poor processor.

A well-executed PC upgrade involves replacing the weakest configuration item or adding more. Upgrading your shaver means a new, more powerful graphics card, more RAM and a faster processor for many gamers. However, most of the time old CPUs are deleted very hastily due to their age.. When do gamers start thinking about getting better components for their computers? The general idea is that the games run your mind when running at unsatisfactory FPS. Then the criminal search begins. Graphics card often tears. The second in order is usually the processor. Many components can be saved from a computer of several years old and transferred to a new configuration. Often there is a processor among them. You can read more about this in our article: New processor? Why, older generations still manage to play games. Some of the Intel Core or AMD Ryzen models we recommend on the following pages are already very old, but many can easily handle even more demanding games. If your machine doesn’t need new productions for some reason, maybe you should invest in a new GPU, then we recommend using our Graphics Cards Ranking.

10th generation Intel Core processors have been on sale for a few months now and many interested parties have already bought a new CPU and of course the real question. The new units run on a different socket than the previous LGA 1200 series. The need for motherboard replacement has become a standard in Blue products. AMD took a completely different path. Works on every new generation AM4 socket since the first RyzenwAlthough sometimes you need to update the BIOS and the appropriate chipset (more information on that can be found here). This makes the Red platform more attractive in terms of price. Including because of this, AMD’s Ryzena literally sells like hotcakes, which is regularly reflected in their presence in stores. However, this does not change the fact that almost 75% of Steam gamers use Intel processors.

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