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Robert Burneika WAS A FATHER! "My hardcore girl" (PHOTO)

Robert Burneika WAS A FATHER!

Robert Burneika alias Hardcore Cola is one of the fastest working bodybuilders. It was recognized by a wider group thanks to the program on Youtube and the TVN Turbo channel. No linden.

At the end of June, the paparazzi caught a bodybuilder next to a new life partner. Nothing extraordinary would happen, not the fact that the photos taken by photojournalists clearly showed. pregnant woman. Soon chat with 41 year old poodle confirmed this He and Kaja Kędzierska will soon become parentsand then taking advantage of the other breakfast invitation, How does an expectant mother endure pregnancy?

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As you can see from the instagram posts published by happy parents, their first children are already in the world!

My hardcore girl – Happy father wrote with a small one under the photo.

In a conversation with us, Hardkorowy Koksu showed that everything went well and that the child was very happy that he was already in the world:

Thanks, we're already our daughter. Everything is in the best order, the girls feel good. And I'm very happy.

Pudelek welcomes the world!

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