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Not Biedronka, nor Lidl. The Polish supermarket chain has recorded massive profits despite a ban on Sunday.

Shopping. Descriptive photo. / photo:
Shopping. Descriptive photo. / photo:

The majority of stores are losing their stores on Sundays due to the closure of stores. However, unlike Biedronka or Lidl, the Polish chain of Dino stores has been making a profit since the beginning of 2018, and it is hard to predict that this will change in the near future.

The ban on trading on Sunday caused many chains to encourage their customers to shop, promotions on Friday or Saturday. Biedronka and Lidl duels are especially well known for fighting for the client these days.

However, all negative impacts of the market trade ban have not been made equally well. Although Biedronka continues to increase its sales, it is much slower than in previous years. Data from the third quarter of 2018 show that network sales increased only by 2.6 percent.

Representatives say that the trade ban is clearly. At the other end is the Dino network, which has evolved rapidly in the previous year and opened many new stores. That's why it's the only network that makes a big growth.

Data show that the Dino network increased its revenue by 32 percent from January to September. The increase in sales was not very low, because it went to 28 percent. In addition, it is not known that the network does not plan to exceed the trade ban by opening gas stations. In May, he applied for a license for the liquid fuel trade.

Despite the ban on market transactions, we see an increase in purchases made in Dino stores (in LfL basis) in the first quarter of this year compared to the comparable period of 2017. In addition, we have recorded a significant increase in the average value of the receipt. – Dino Polska head Szymon Piduch for "Wiadomo Pci Handlowe" said.

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