Wednesday , June 23 2021

Natalia Siwiec in a tight bikini! So, her daughter's in Bali! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Natalia Siwiec has a great figure again! She has just published a sexy photo on a celebrity Instagram listening in Bali. Model poses in a skimpy bikini against the background of the setting sun.

Outside the window, gray and cold. Natalia Siwiec decided to look for the sun for the exotic island of Bali. On Instagram, he released several hot photos on this holiday. She's posing with a sexy, skimpy bikini in one of her models. Little girl sitting next to.

There were comments from fans under the pictures!

"Nice photo"

"To Wong Foo"

"Happy holidays"

"Great to see such a beautiful picture on this gloomy autumn day"

"Little traveler"

"Beautiful mom and daughter look great," wrote fans on Instagram

Some did not like the fact that the banquet was posed by a child with a skimpy bikini.

"It would be nice if the face smiled and headed towards the child – it would be nice."

"The form of this photo hurts me – the child seems to be an unnecessary addition to the perfectly straightened and posing mother." – read reviews

There were those who didn't see anything wrong in this picture.

"What a difference when you are in a bathing suit when you're sitting in front of you or on vacation!"

And what do you think?

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