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Milena Sadowska Female Polish 2018. Finals of the Women's Polonia elections 10/11/2018. See the choice of the most beautiful Polish woman

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Milena Sadowska, a 19-year-old girl from Babice, was a new Miss Polish.

About Milena Sadowska herself:

A few words about me: I passed my final exams this year and since October I will study at Papal University in Krakow. I'm interested in fashion, horseback riding since my childhood. I spend my free time with my dear boyfriend and my family. I know English at communicative level.

I joined Ms. Polonia in 2018 because … because I've dreamed of performing in my childhood. I think this is a contest that offers a lot of possibilities and allows you to appear in the fashion world and in the media.

Perfect woman … In addition to finding a woman in any situation, beautiful, sensitive, smart and unique personality.

It inspires me … My father, who is socially active, is confident and performs perfectly as President of Arka Babice Sports Club. At the same time the beautiful Babice is a council member of our town. It works actively for the benefit of all communes. In addition, he is conducting his own business and best of all he still finds time for his family.

My biggest dream … Of course, I do Miss Polonia 2018, although I know I will fight hard and I would like to visit the United States in the future.

I must be Miss Polonia because … I am proud to represent our country proudly and wear a crown with pride.

Follow the film from the premiere of Mrs. Polonia 2018:

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Live / Misspolonia2018

Competition decision:

Ben Wicemiss Polonia 2018 – MARTYNA G –RAK, Kiedrzyn
II Polish MP 2018 – PATRYCJA WO8NIAK, onyask

Live / Misspolonia2018

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The first five in Gdansk!

Top five:

  • MARTYNA G KRAK, Kiedrzyn

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CV of the 2018 audience Sylwia Stasińska from Gdańsk! The last 10!

Miss Polonia's choice. Miss Polonia's final 10/11/2018

Ms. Polonia is one of the oldest beauty races in the world, whose current shape and mission is based on the 80-year tradition of the most beautiful Polish woman. This year's final premiere will take place on Saturday, November 10, 2018, with Ms. Polonia 2018.

Miss Polonia 10/11/2018 Final – Finalists:

See photos of twenty finalists for Miss Polonia 2018. Miss Polonia's 50,000 PLN title and the winner of the amber crown will represent our country in the world's most prestigious beauty contest: Miss World, Miss Universe or Miss Grand International!

See the gallery

Miss Polonia – the oldest Polish beauty contest

Ms. Polonia is a beauty contest organized in Poland since 1929. The first choice of the most beautiful Polish woman took place on 27 January 1929 at the Polonia hotel. Ten finalists were selected according to the photos. The name of the competition was invented by Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński.

Miss Polonia 2018. Final of the Women's Polonia elections 10/11/2018. Where should we watch the most beautiful Polish women? mat.organizator to

MISS POLAND 2018 – FINALS 10/11/2018

  • JESICA WALECKA, Chełmża, il Kuyavian-Pomeranian, 19 years old, height 171 cm
  • MAGDALENA KACZMARZYK, Iłża, il mazowieckie, 22 years old, height 173 cm
  • PATRYCJA WO 19NIAK, Łask, il Lodz, 19 years old, height 173 cm
  • MILENA SADOWSKA, Babice, small province Poland, 19 years old, height 175 cm
  • NATALIA ULIASZ, Bytom, il Silesian, 26 years old, boy 175 cm
  • AGATA DORODKO, Soleczniki, Lithuania, 18 years old, length 175 cm – Miss Polonia Lithuania
  • SYLWIA STASI 20SKA, Gdansk, province Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 cm
  • MAGDALENA KARWACKA, Warsaw, il mazowieckie, 21 years old, height 176 cm
  • KAROLINA URBA ,SKA, Rybno, il warmińsko-mazurskie, 19 years old, height 176 cm
  • ZUZANNA SMAGA, Radom, il mazowieckie, 21 years old, height 176 cm
  • PAULINA OLSZYNA, Kalisz, city Wielkopolskie, 24 years old, height 176 cm
  • MARTYNA G ,RAK, Kiedrzyn, il mazowieckie, 23 years old, height 176 cm
  • OLIWIA FIJA ,KOWSKA, Chełm, il Lublin, 21 years old, height 177 cm
  • NATALIA ZAWI 19LAK, Kutno, il Lodz, 19 years old, height 177 cm
  • MAGDALENA CZECH REP., Opoczno, il Lodz, 23 years old, height 178 cm
  • TERESA MILGIEWICZ, Gdansk, province Pomeranian, 25 years old, height 179 cm
  • ELIZA JAKUBOWSKA, Warsaw, il mazowieckie, 26 years old, height 180 cm
  • ALEKSANDRA PECHAL, Warsaw, il Mazowieckie, 18 years old, boy 181 cm
  • WERONIKA KARCZEWSKA, Raszyn, il Masovian, 20 years old, 181 cm height
  • KAROLINA GRODZKA, Rzeszów, il Podkarpackie, 21 years old, height 184 cm


MISS POLAND 2018 – FINALS 10/11/2018.

  • SYLWIA STASI 20SKA, Gdansk, province Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 cm

    I am a student of law at the University of Gdansk. My passion is riding a motorcycle and reading historical books. I spend my free time with my friends and my girlfriend.

    Miss Polonia 2018. Final of the Women's Polonia elections 10/11/2018. Where can we watch the most beautiful Polish women?

    Gdansk, province Pomeranian, 20 years, height 175 cm
    mat.organizator to

    I joined Ms. Polonia in 2018 because … This is not only a beauty contest, but also a competition for personality, charisma and courage, so that I can do very good things as the future Mrs. Poles.

    Perfect woman … She is a woman of flawless reputation, full of energy, optimism and self-confidence. Ms. Aneta Krkglicka, Mrs Polonia 1989, and Ms. World 1989, who perfectly combined beauty and personality, achieved great success in the international arena as a delicate and filigree woman.

    It inspires me … Katarzyna Grochola is an incredible writer and a woman with unlimited imagination and sophisticated writing skills. It allows you to move the books to another dimension and to understand the world around us.

    My biggest dream … As a person who is difficult on the ground, I dream about what can be done. One of them is to open a shelter for homeless and needy animals.

    I must be Miss Polonia because … I am an ambitious, ambitious person who achieves goals. With its altruistic approach to the world, I can infect others and work very hard to prove that everything is possible.

  • TERESA MILGIEWICZ, Gdansk, province Pomeranian, 25 years old, height 179 cm

    I'm dealing with modeling, I'm also an animator and hostess. In modeling, the opportunity to visit the most interesting ones, meet interesting people and discover new places. I also had the opportunity to sell amber jewels and jewels in one of the local galleries in Gdańsk. The world's endless curiosity led me to Guernsey, an island in the English harbor. I worked here for about 2 years in one of the charming restaurants in the harbor and I took the stairs to the assistant manager. I want to study journalism or interior design in the future. I speak English and I want to start learning Spanish this year. My great passion was always traveling – these are small and big. I love to eat nice things and I'm not afraid to recognize new flavors. I am interested in fashion, art, vision and love animals. I bet active recreation and I like to ride a bike. I'm running in my spare time, listening to good music and spending time with my relatives. In my backpack, there's always a place for frisbee and sweets I can't live.

    Miss Polonia 2018. Final of the Women's Polonia elections 10/11/2018. Where can we watch the most beautiful Polish women?

    Gdansk, 25 years old, from 179 cm
    mat.organizator to

    I joined Ms. Polonia in 2018 because … I never thought I'd go into competition, but when a friend told me it could be a very valuable and interesting experience. It is a great honor for me to be in this finalist group after the oldest and most prestigious competitions in Poland, Polonia, Poland.

    Perfect woman … ambitious, empathetic, intelligent woman full of charisma, grace and class. A woman who is pleased, not just her beauty. The combination of ideal personalization and all of these features, in my opinion, is winning the Miss Universe title from the US – Olivia Culpo, the US representative. Currently, Miss Polonia – Agata Biernat reigns. Strong, beautiful, modernist woman, acting rightly, with lots of positive energy. He can't like her.

    It inspires me … At the top of the list of people who constantly inspire me, at my own time – my mother stands. This is my hero. Every day he makes me realize that a gift is what life is. He is forgiving, good and warm woman, full of passion. He has a unique essence and a sense of being. As we get older, it is surprising that we start to appreciate what our parents told us. I didn't ask for a better life teacher from God. I'm grateful for every lesson and for his patience. A treasure of knowledge and love. In the future, I want to be so big a woman and mother.

    My biggest dream … My biggest dream is to visit the whole world, live in places that are not scarce in the sun, read overdue books and make your passions. Stay in front of my favorite and extremely outstanding photographers like Kat Irlin and Mario Testino. Learn to play guitar. You can eat everything and not eat. Remember, there's always a reason to wake up in the morning and smile. But my biggest dream is that, in old age, sitting in front of the fireplace, I can accept that you have lived 100 percent, that you have not lost any chance, and that you have contributed to something wonderful. Because it's not the number of breaths in my life, it's about the moments we take our breath.

    I must be Miss Polonia because … I'm the type of person who likes challenges and new experiences. I can't stay in one place for a long time. I am energetic and willing to expand my horizons. Being an extroverter constantly requires me to build new and wonderful acquaintances. But life is not just socializing, I am a very sensitive and emotional person. Winning the title of Ms. Polonia would allow me to influence the positive thinking of as many people as possible. I really like to help and the biggest reward is always the other person's smile. I always want to convince others to believe in myself, because that's why I've come this far. Just being valid for the final is a personal gain for me. A few years ago, if I told me where I am right now, I probably wouldn't have believed it 🙂


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