Friday , May 20 2022

Microsoft joined forces with Apple to eliminate it


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Oskar Ziomek

Windows 10 users who decide to install the October update function unfortunately have something to complain about. One of the problems recently detected on the system is the problem with installing iCloud software to sync Apple cloudy files. Information about issues has already been seen in the official list of defined Windows vulnerabilities after the October update that is awaiting repair.

As understood, the problem was determined by Apple. The problem occurs when you try to synchronize the shared directories in the iCloud app in version To resolve the issues, the Windows 10 update has been suspended on all computers that use a troublesome version of Apple software until the problem is resolved. Similarly, the ability to install iCloud software on computers with updated systems is blocked.

As we learned from official information, Microsoft is already in the process of solving the error described in collaboration with Apple. The current update is expected soon and unfortunately no details are available yet. It is assumed that the patch will appear in November. At the end of the month, an update is planned to solve the problem by checking the default programs in the settings.

The iCloud described is another issue of the October update and causes many problems from the beginning. The biggest of these was that the problem of losing files was already solved, but it also required the withdrawal of the update and the need to withdraw it to the testing phase. After waiting more than a month, the new version of Windows 10 was finally presented to all users once again, but as you can see, there are still many errors.

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