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M jak miłość, part 1470: The sensation before Kisielowa's wedding! Zośka is a second virgin and Robert is impotent!

M jak miłoć, chapter 1470: Kisielowa (Małgorzata Rożniatowska), Robert (Krzysztof Tyniec)
Author: MTL Maxfilm

1470 In the section "M jak miłość", we will learn the shocking truth about Kisielowa (Małgorzata Rożniatowska) 's intimate life! Is the mature bride still a virgin? Is that why he was rushing to marry Robert (Krzysztof Tyniec), who was cute but dishonest? Confessions, Barbara (Teresa Lipowska) will hear to hear how scared Zo nightka is on her wedding night – will the family's wife bear the weight of this news? We'll find out how Kisielowa can help in the 1470 chapter "M jak miłość".

"M jak miłość" episode 1470 – 20.55 on TVP2 on Monday, November 18, 2019

Confessing at the Kisielowa bachelorette party in chapter 1470 "M jak miłość" will impress us – it will be an old virgin, and the expectation of the wedding night will attract her … as she fears!

On the eve of the wedding night with Robert, he will invite Zosia to talk about Barbara in the "M jak miłość" in the 1470 episode, as reported by the "seriwiat series" for a glass of raspberries! At first, Nestowa from the Mostowiak family will not understand what is happening and will not confuse gender with a book. But this book will not be the biggest event of the night …

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I see, Włodek was my first man, now Robert will be the second … – Kisielowa will begin to translate Mostowiakowa. – I'm actually a virgin. – will add.

Barbara, who will be very little in the crown called "M jak miło alreadyć" in 1470, will not be able to conceal even if it bursts with laughter! However, Kisielowa will not notice anything and will continue to clean it. He discovered he was already old and could not imagine himself in bed with a man!

Robert, a world man who eats bread from many bakeries and I am such a state engraved … Do I have to fly all of a sudden? – Mostowiakowa. – This fear came upon me … – whisper.

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That same evening, "M jak miłość" in 1470, dekiak also decided to visit witness Artur Rogowski (Robert Moscow). And there will be a sexual context in which it will appear! Robert will ask Artur to rewrite a measure of potency.

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I'm not saying I'm going to put up with it because I don't have to, but maybe if I have a potential support, lifebuoy … I won't swing like Aspen – He confesses to Artur. – I'm not a young man, I have a mile. I said stupid things to Zosia, she praised me, and I, Doctor, I'm more traitor than a practitioner – will explain.

During the wedding night Robert will cope with the task and Kisielowa will begin to "fly in bed", in the 1470 section we will see "M jak miłość".

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