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Lech Poznań: Who is Dariusz Kolejuraw, a temporary trainer for Kolejorz?


In 2015 Dariusz luuraw won the Polish championship with Lech as Maciej Skorża's assistant. A 46-year-old coach, formerly born in Wieluń, was an actor in Zagł yaşbie Lubin. Miedziowe came to Hannover 96 and played in the Bundesliga for a few seasons. He returned to Poland before the 2008/09 season and found a job at Arka Gdynia. His last club was WKS Wieluń, and his first step was as a coach.

After training at Odra Opole and Miedzi, Legnica Żuraw joined Lech Poznań's faculty. He won the Polish championship as assistant of Maciej Skorża and Super Cup with Kolejo. However, with all the staff including Tomasz Rząsa, the current sports director on the market in October 2015.

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He took another coaching in 2017. By Znicz Pruszków, he finished the collaboration in early May of this year. In the summer he returned to Bulgarska – the third division took its place as an instructor for reserves … Ivan Djurdjević.

– The decision to speak with Darek has definitely affected the working date in Lech Poznań. His extensive professional experience was also important. We were looking for a trainer for this position that could explain some things directly to players on the field. This trainer fits the puzzle perfectly, – said Lech Poznań Academy, director of education at Rafał Ulatowski.

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The second group in the reserve groups is better than Djurdjević working with them. – Little talk, always in the shade, but hard and hard – says Andrzej Grajewski, former head of Lech and Widzew, who knows him well from Hanover. During his work at Lech, he did so few interviews, the media rarely paid attention to him.

Now he will be working with the first team of eluraw Kolejorz, but this is a temporary matter. Lech is looking for an experienced trainer, he has contacted Adam Nawałka among others. If the former voter rejects the Poznan club's offer, Lech will likely be shot by a coach from abroad.

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