Wednesday , January 27 2021

KNF advises a lawyer to Czarnecki to work for Solorz-Zak

"Gazeta Wyborcza", in his interview with Kowalczyk, confirmed that he is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of Plus Bank. Who recommended him? – I've spoken to Mr. Zygmunt Solorz's lawyers – he's responding to the paper. Billionaire admits that he knows and is with him on the bank council.

When asked why Solorz's lawyers had turned to him, Kowalczyk briefly said: – I think we'll end the conversation. But the interview continues. His lawyer asked him who had recommended him to the WSE Supervisory Board where he had been living for four months in 2017. He said he didn't remember.

Kowalczyk said he was not surprised that Solorz's lawyers had offered him access to the Bank's Supervisory Board. The consultant, who is currently a chancellor in Cz açıkstochowa, also explains his experience in this banking sector. – I worked at the bank for many years at the beginning of my professional career – the newspaper says.

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As he put it, he took charge at Cz andstochowa's current Private Bank. He started and finished an officer's post – "as he remembers," – as the head of his office.

He also adds that he wrote a master's thesis on banking law. – I have a lot of professional experience, I have been working in this profession for many years, I have taught banking law and finance for trainee lawyers.

He ensures that the Plus Bank supervisory board does not recommend to KNF and will never talk to him about it.

On Tuesday, Kowalczyk, Marek Chrzanowski & # 39; s self, Leszek Czarnecki & # 39; He said he did not know anything that would help restructure the bank for the salary proposed by the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Agency.

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mNmShame, Mr. Solorz, but why doesn't it surprise me?

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puzzleOrchestra, but who's behind it?

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