Thursday , July 29 2021

Independence Day 2018. 100 detainees were not allowed to enter Poland in almost 400

A spokesman for the ministry of special services, Stanis³aw İçaryn said that a lot of work was carried out primarily by the Internal Security Agency before November 11th.

In co-operation with the Police and Border Guard, the Domestic Security Agency detained about one hundred Polish people, linked to the ultranationalist or neo-fascist environment.

Ynaryn said that these people came out of the Internet to come to Warsaw and disrupt the celebrations of Independence. Other actions to be taken against detainees will depend on the searches carried out. In some apartments, materials were found to spread the totalitarian system.

ABW's Anti-Political Actions

The Internal Security Agency also provided a list of approximately four hundred foreigners associated with various extremist settings, including the border guard, Sweden, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. ”Most of them were not accepted in Poland,“ he said.

According to the Internal Security Agency, these people could be disturbed by the state celebrations in Poland. In addition, the activities of the services led to the prevention of conferences and concerts that planned to organize extremist, nationalist and racist circles in Warsaw, as well as activities gathered from people outside Poland.

It is worth noting, however, that you can see the members of the neofascist group Forza Nuova (Nowa Si³a) from the Independence March on Sunday, for example.

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